What is the Cloud?

By 2010 the term ‘cloud’ had been so overused by marketing teams to sell technology services it became irrecoverably cliche. Although the term may be a turn off to some, the technology of hosting just about anything off-premises is becoming more and more attractive. Companies have been doing this for some time but just called it different names.

What exactly is the cloud? Broadly, it means internet based technology services that are not located in one place, hence ‘the cloud’. Specifically, it can mean different things in different contexts but essentially it means your data or service is available to you anywhere there is an internet connection.

We lament that the term ‘cloud’ has become so watered down but that shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer businesses and consumers alike.

Let’s move everything to the c_ _ _ _ !

It’s difficult for me to even write it.