How to Force AD Synchronization with Office 365/Azure using DirSync

Update: this article concerns an older version of DirSync and is no longer current. Please visit this article to learn more about the current version.

There may be times during development or when adding a new user in a hybrid deployment, that you will need to force AD/Office 365 synchronization with DirSync.

On the server that DirSync is installed, go to this directory

C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync

Open this powershell console file: DirSyncConfigShell.psc1


Once in powershell, type Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync 

powershell 2

It may take up to 5 minutes or more depending on the volume of information syncing. To verify that it synced you can look at the top area on the user page in the Office 365 admin portal or you can use the Synchronization Service Manager application (miisclient.exe) located on the server with DirSync installed.

“C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization Service\UIShell\miisclient.exe”