How to Increase the Frequency of DirSync Synchronization

After installing the latest version of Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync) you may want to increase the frequency of synchronization between your AD organization and the cloud. To accomplish this open the Administrative Tools folder on the DirSync server and open Task Scheduler.

If everything has been configured correctly you will see a task called: Azure AD Sync Scheduler, double click that task


There is a local account created by DirSync that is used for this task indicated where the green box is, if you want to make changes to this Task you have to set the password for this user in Computer Management > Users and Groups or you can create and use a different user account that has full admin privileges


Select the trigger tab


Set the task the repeat at the desired replication time, maybe 15 minutes or 1 hour is fine for your organization, it is up to you, select ok to save


You will be prompted for the password from the general tab to be able to save, once you saved you are done and DirSync will run every interval you have selected!


If you would like a way to force DirSync easily, set up a shortcut. Learn about it in this article.

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