How to Migrate Mailboxes to the Cloud in Hybrid Exchange Deployment

This is a straightforward “how-to” article to help you when migrating mailboxes from your on-prem Exchange server to Office 365 in a Hybrid configuration. It is assumed that you already have the hybrid setup configured with either Exchange 2010 S3 or 2013.

Open the Office 365 portal select Exchange from the management menu

how to migration 1

Select migration under recipients

how to migration 2

On the migration page, select Migrate to Exchange Online

how to migration 3

The dialog window opens, select Remote move migration, next

how to migration 4

Select the + icon to choose on-prem mailboxes that you want to move, next

how to migration 5

If this field does not auto-populate, enter the external FQDN of the Exchange server, next

how to migration 6

Name the batch anything you want,  next

how to migration 7

Select options for starting and ending the batch, next, window closes, reverts to portal

how to migration 8

If you selected to manually start the batch, you will have to select the Start icon

how to migration 9


You may have to refresh to see the current status of the batch, when it is complete you can view a report (including errors) by selecting the view details link

Migrating 4

Once this is complete you will have to change the target email server on the user’s phone to