Issues with SonicWALL NetExtender after Windows 10 Upgrade

My team and I had been running Windows 10 Insider Preview for a while but only inside our domain. Like millions of others I upgraded my home machine to Windows 10 Pro on July 29th. Besides some issues with my Nvidia video card, it all seemed to be working nicely. Until I tried to VPN into a network with Dell SonicWALL NetExtender client.

NetExtender could connect fine and could even ping the network I was connecting to but no other protocols were available, like http, https, RDP. Not much info was found on the internet, all searches turned up “Cannot connect to Windows 10 through VPN”.

After trying multiple false starts I discovered the solution. There is a modern Microsoft App that allows the VPN connection without issues: SonicWALL Mobile Connect. There are iOS and Android versions too.


Download and install the app for Windows 10

Open PowerShell as Administrator and execute the following commands. If needed, replace the bolded text with new values.

  • Check the port on your previous NetExtender installation, usually 4433
  • Choose a name for the network connection in Windows (VPN)
  • Enter the public IP address for your firewall, or FQDN is applicable

$xml = “<MobileConnect><Port>4433</Port></MobileConnect>”

$sourceXml=New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument


Add-VpnConnection -Name VPN -ServerAddress -SplitTunneling $True -PluginApplicationID SonicWALL.MobileConnect_cw5n1h2txyewy -CustomConfiguration $sourceXml

You will create a VPN connection in WIndows. Opne Network Connections in the control panel to verify it has been created.

To use the VPN connection, select the Network icon in the lower right corner of your screen and select the VPN you just created.

In the dialog window select Connect. Enter your credentials if prompted. If needed you can precede the username with a domain name (ie domain\username) in the Username field.

sonicwall connect4

I hope this was helpful!