Nvidia Video Card Problem in Windows 10 Upgrade

If you have an Nvidia video card and you had a problem when upgrading to Windows 10, you are not alone. Apparently Microsoft borked a lot of computers by pushing out a questionable driver for Nvidia GeForce video cards. My computer was one of them.

I have a GeForce GTX 980 that usually rocks. After the upgrade everything went blank on the final restart. I had to hard restart the machine because it froze on boot three times. Once I got Windows to boot, I tried to open an application that failed and returned a video card error. I was like, oh nooooooo not again! The curse of Microsoft. I opened Nvidia GeForce Experience and tried to update it, failure. I manually downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and tried to install, failure. I tried to uninstall the apps and drivers from Windows, failure.

do familiarAt this point, I was getting a little worried because I had already restarted several times. The restarts would get locked up with a black screen or black with a little cursor in the upper left of the screen. I tried to force Windows Updates to ensure it had the latest drivers but Control Panel had no Windows Update page I could easily find. I eventually restarted the machine and it worked because of the new Nvdia driver update Microsoft rushed out, but only after lots of stress and cussing. So you should let Windows update itself again after install and restart it to get it to work.

As an IT professional, I wanted to assess the latest Windows to see if it is worth the trouble of deployment in our production environment. It appears that the traditional caution IT Departments treat the initial Windows releases with is still very relevant, even with a whole year of Windows Insiders testing it to find the bugs. While Windows 10 makes a great first impression, we will take long arc when testing it for our environment.


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