Namespace ‘Microsoft.Policies.WindowsStore’ is already defined as the target namespace for another file in the store

Windows 10 Creators Update build 1703 came with a new set of .admx and .adml policy definitions. Everything was working fine but Microsoft changed the name of the Windows Store policy definition files and borked up a bunch of random unrelated GPO. If you view affected GPO in Group Policy Manager on your domain controller you may see this error in place of your normal settings information.

The error is:

Namespace ‘Microsoft.Policies.WindowsStore’ is already defined as the target namespace for another file in the store. File \FQDN-DC\SysVol\\ Policies\PolicyDefinitions\WinStoreUI.admx, line 4, column 80

To fix this issue go to your sysvol. Usually at path above or something similar:


Delete the file: WinStoreUI.admx

Rename file WindowsStore.admx to WinStoreUI.admx

\\SysVol\\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\en-US (or whatever your language is)

Delete the file: WinStoreUI.adml

Rename file WindowsStore.adml to WinStoreUI.adml

Refresh the settings view in Group Policy Manager and you will see that your policy definitions are working again.

You are done!

How to Add Group Policy Templates (.admx) for Windows 10


Microsoft has recently released the Windows 10 Group Policy templates (.admx) to assist organizations manage Windows 10 devices using GPO. This article describes how to install the new Windows 10 policy definitions in your domain.

Download the ADMX files Microsoft Administrative Templates for Windows 10. Also download the Windows 10 ADMX guide from Microsoft. Login to a Domain Controller in your network and find the path to your SYSVOL. If you have a Central Store the Sysvol has a different path than if it is local on one Domain Controller.

Open the msi installer to start, select next


Select agree and next


The default path is local, to change the path from default select browse


If you have a Central Store for ADMX files, the location should be the same or similar to the path below, just replace <your_domain> with your domain name ( Learn more about making a Central Store here.


Select the path to install the ADMX files


Select next


Installation completes


Click here to learn more about managing Group Policy AMDX files.